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It can be impossible sometimes to know how to control sexual thoughts and tension around someone that you fancy. Whether you work with this person or if they are in your circle of friends you will need to control yourself from time to time. Here are a few of the things that may help you to do so.

Humanize Them

It may not be something that you really want to do but you need to take them down off of their pedestal. Humanize them; remind yourself over and over that they are a regular person just like you. Whenever you think of a person as a kind of God it can be impossible for you to be able to do anything but worship them.

Focus on Being Coy

Sometimes, the sexiest thing that you can do is play coy. This means that if you want to give them some difficulty concentrating on anything but getting you into bed, then try to play it cool. When you focus on how you are coming across to them it can help you to block out those other thoughts.

Distract Yourself

Make a grocery list in your head or think about your plans for the weekend. These are a couple of the things that you can do to distract yourself from the sexy being that is standing near you. Just make sure that you can hold down a conversation with them while you are doing this otherwise you will seem rude or disinterested. Only distract yourself with mundane subjects when things get to be too hot.